Cook Out has 40+ milkshake flavors, a glorious variety of delicious food, and most notably, corn dogs listed as a side. In short, it’s fast food that gives you more of what you want.



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*In the style of Bohemian Rhapsody*

I see a little silhouetta of a man

Hamburger, Hamburger, can you make it Steak Style

Bacon wrap and onion rings, Eat so much my stomach sings

(Food coma) Food coma, (Food coma) Food coma, Food coma

But i kind of want some more (more more more more more more)

TITLE: (logo) More of what you want


RADIO: 30s

SFX: Intro instrumental

Historian: Conspicuous consumption was coined by...How do you say his name?...Oh forget it...Some author talking about the rising upper class after the Second Industrial Revolution.

SFX: Instrumental

Historian: Conspicuous consumption is partaking in vastly more than what’s necessary. These days, it most closely relates to the rise of hedonism brought about by the popular chain Cook Out, and has come to include non-Vanderbilts indulging in barbeque, corn dogs, milkshakes, and more. The result is a generation raised thinking that they can get everything they want, as long as they’re at a drive-thru window.

Announcer: This is Cook Out. More of what you want.   
SFX: Instrumental sound off



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Art Director: Charlotte Simons
Strategists: Anna Kim and Curtis Kingrea